Bantal Mobil Doraemon 8 in 1 Boneka Timbul

Bantal Mobil Doraemon

harga bantal mobil

Bantal Mobil Doraemon, Sarung Jok Mobil, Cover jok, sandaran jok Mobil, Bantal Kursi Mobil Doraemon, aksesoris mobil doraemon, variasi mobil, pernak pernik mobil doraemon,

Bantal mobil 8 in 1 Boneka terdiri dari :

1 Pasang bantal tulang

1 Pasang cover seat belt

1 Pasang sarung jok sandaran

1 Pasang cover jok kepala

1 Kotak tissue

1 Cover steer

1 Cover handbrake

1 Cover perseneleng

bahan : Velboa

isi dakron

Variasi : Ada Boneka Kecil Full Body Di samping Bantal


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